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The Luke’s Gospel sermons were delivered by Dr. Samuel Lee at the Chicago UBF Sunday worship services in the mid 1980s with the prayer topic that young Americans might learn a sense of God’s history. At that time, America was known as a Christian nation. Many people thought America did not need missionaries from other nations to preach the gospel here. But in truth, there were many, even among church attendees, who did not live with gospel faith. As Dr. Lee engaged American college students with a pastor’s heart, he perceived their deep spiritual need. He was convinced that young Americans needed most the gospel of Jesus Christ, rooted in historical truth, as recorded by Luke. So he devoted himself wholeheartedly to share Luke’s Gospel sermons and delivered them with passion, often with tears. In response, many young Americans came to believe the gospel message and accepted Jesus Christ personally as Lord and Savior. I worked closely with Dr. Lee to prepare these sermons, and it greatly influenced me toward a Christ-centered lifestyle and ministry. Times have changed, and the problems young people face today may be different in some ways, but the gospel is timeless, and it speaks to every culture and every generation. In publishing these studies, it is our prayer that the power of God’s word, which worked so mightily through Dr. Lee, may bring Christ’s blessing to the hearts of all who read it.-ENDORSEMENTS by P. Ron Ward

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