“[The holy Scriptures] are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2Timothy 3:15-17

  1. Definition

  2. Publication ministries refer to effective presentation of the Gospel and Biblical truths for the purpose of evangelistic outreach and education to honor the name of Jesus Christ and expand his kingdom through various media, including books, audio/video and internet materials.

  3. NEED

  4. Increasingly, those who engage in UBF mission work throughout the USA and Canada realize the pressing needs for the English publications specific to our growing needs in the following areas.

    • First, to address our specific mission context.
    • There are numerous Christian books and publications available. However, many leaders have expressed a specific desire for materials that address their unique needs within the context of self-supporting, campus mission.

      The following materials have been requested with the goal of nurturing biblical perspectives on marriage life, children’s education and training, spiritual formation and growth:

      • Bible material
      • Practical guidance in the area of bible study methods for effective disciple-making ministries
      • Managing house church ministries
      • Leadership development
      • Teamwork/ co-working
      • Financial stewardship
      • Stories of successful integration of family, work and mission life
      • Spiritual classics, including biographies (beginning with UBF members)
    • Second, for high quality books that highlight and propagate the specific spiritual strengths of UBF.
    • In order to enhance the quality of UBF Ministries we need to develop standards and a basic organizational structure. Many materials have been published by UBF chapters in various places.

      This is good and should be continued. However, in order to achieve a more professional level, manuscripts must be properly selected, reviewed and developed in such a way that the resulting materials reflect the highest standard of excellence in scholarship and biblical faithfulness.

      Indirectly, published works will publicly reflect who we are as a church and what we believe, and can therefore serve a secondary role in Public Relations on the campuses in which we work and in the greater Christian community. Like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Navigators, God’s word and Holy Spirit can equip UBF leaders to produce quality Christian books for use in directly propagating the gospel and disseminating God’s word through campus-based evangelistic work.

    • Third, to reach the larger Christian community to encourage and support its seri- ous and continuous study and reflection.
    • Materials could be merely made available through on-line access on the UBF website, as we have done in the past. However, books in the printed form are in high demand because of continuous use, ease of storage and access. Even with on-line access availability, books in- print are generally preferred for works longer than 20 pages. International distribution of works produced in North America may be requested by UBF coworkers, and not all nations have reliable online access.

      Through due process of selection and evaluation, quality books written by leaders among us can be published by UBF Press. We will continue to publish high quality works for the benefit of UBF leaders and for the edification of the larger Christian community. Later, the work of Christian scholars with excellent content and reputation may also be considered for publication through UBF Press. Beyond the UBF community, as demand grows and funds are made available, books published by UBF Press may be made available in Christian bookstores.


  6. First, in the short-term we will start with basic, essential materials such as Mother Sarah Barry’s Daily Bread. We may also compile some important contents of regular newsletters in book form, such as messages by UBF Senior Staff. Other exemplary life testimonies and special lectures may be selected and periodically printed in the form of books as well.

    Second, in the long-term, our goal is to prepare study materials for all 66 books of the bible. Each book includes an introduction, study questions and summaries which are helpful to capture the essential contents of each. These summaries are not merely the reuse of messages delivered in Sunday Worship Service or during a conference or bible school, nor are they as lengthy as bible commentaries. Great care is being taken to go back to the bible and stick to the passage as closely as possible, so that the reader is compelled to deeply think and contemplate the meaning and application of the passage for themselves.


  8. The purpose of partnership is to support publication ministries of UBF on a voluntary basis and encourage participation by Directors, Shepherds and growing disciples at the chapter level all over the United States and Canada. Partnership levels are being established, with various benefits accorded to each.

    While the most basic and necessary partnership required for this ministry’s success involves unity of purpose and prayer, financial partnership benefits will include the following:

    • Early access to books in print
    • One free book published within a year
    • Free Daily Bread for a year
    • Free World Mission newsletters
    • All free books for a year to over $500 contributors

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